Our mission is to use our media experience and cutting edge equipment to help our clients reach their end goals efficiently, professionally, and as cost-effectively as anyone on the market.

Andrew Cooke

Vice President
CIO, Assistant Director on set

Having spent years honing his craft, Andrew Cooke is an award-winning photographer whose works have gleaned distinction across the US…

Ima Ortega

COO, Director of Photography

With over a decade of videography experience, from Luxury Lifestyle to High-Speed Racing, Ima Ortega is a cinematographer of the highest caliber…

John Gallant

CCO, Studio Director, Gaffer

With a focus on portraiture, events, and macro photography, John Gallant has been published using his skill and talent to capture moments that might be otherwise missed in the blink of an eye…

Robert LeHeup

CSO, Screenwriter, Creative Director

A published, award-winning author, Robert Chambers has officiated weddings and written
specifically nuanced speeches across the South-East…